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---------------------------------------------------- RULES ----------------------------------------------------

In Distopia, we seek players who understand that raiding is a commitment, realise that we are a team and that we rely on one another not only to make raids happen, but also to down content. In order to maintain this ethos and run the guild in a way that is sustainable, we must also rely on every member to abide by a series of rules that we have set out. Please see below for said rules in no particular order:

Be consistent & Reliable
We expect our members to do their best to turn up to every core raid (Wed, Sun, Mon), be on time, and to be prepared for the boss we're progressing on with food, flasks, pots and all necessary buffs. We have no time for people who miss raids frequently or show up ill-prepared.

Be Respectful
Respect towards officers and other members of the team is an absolute must. We ask our members to conduct themselves in a manner that betters the guild and boasts a good reputation among others.

Learn Fast & Adapt As a guild that focuses primarily on progression, we expect our players to be able to adapt to new fights quickly in order to down bosses as fast as possible.

Maintain a Great Attitude
We are aware that some fights can be stressful and the impact of real life can reflect in your mood at times, but we ask our members to try their utmost to keep the raid atmosphere friendly, respectful, mindful of others and focused on killing the boss. Furthermore, we want players who keep character progression and development of the guild in mind at all times. A bad attitude simply brings down the rest of the team and it will not be tolerated.

Great Communication and Listening Skills
We highly encourage our players to speak up, voice their suggestions or give input on a fight. The ability to call out for an external defensive or to tell another teammate that you can take their soak/role is something we value greatly.

With that said, we also expect you to be able to listen to instructions carefully, especially when you have been asked to carry out a particular task. Never be afraid to ask what to do if you are confused or unsure about anything; we would not think less of you for doing this and it looks a lot worse if we have given you an instruction and you fail to execute it because you did not understand.

Excellent Knowledge of Your Class + Spec
You are expected to have a full understanding of how your class works, including its talents, rotation, stats, how to maximise damage output as well as make the most of its utility to help the raid. In addition, you should also make sure to research suitable information regarding its functionality via class discords, warcraftlogs and SIMS if applicable. This also applies to your required alt.

Handle Criticism
The officer team in Distopia is fully aware that no one is perfect. We are all human and, naturally, we make mistakes. With that said, we also believe that there is a lot of value in pointing out player's mishaps and we won't shy away from doing so. If we are to call you out for your mistake, it is never to harass you, but only to help you realise where you are going wrong and how you could improve overall as a player. We trust in this method to help us mould a strong core of players that always seek to better themselves and play to a high calibre.

Communication Software
We use Discord as our main communication source for raids and thus ask of you to make an account and have it installed.

Generic Requirements
  • A working microphone and stable internet connection.
  • A system capable of running WoW without any major issues.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Speak and understand English.
  • Don't be a potato.

Required Addons
  • DBM/BigWigs.
  • WeakAuras.
  • Angry Assignments.
  • RClootcouncil.